The three founders of IdeaSmiths put a ton of hard work into building their consulting firm, and have an impressive collection of clients. Up to this point, they found work mostly through word of mouth, and not through their website. It became apparent after a potential client commented that their website didn’t reflect their expertise, that to continue to build their business and accurately reflect what IdeaSmiths does, they needed a site upgrade.


After sitting down a few times together and brainstorming about major target audiences and goals, we chose to focus on three main groups of people: investors, innovators and developers. We also gathered details for visuals and content, and combined those to create a simple, engaging website design that communicates who IdeaSmiths is, and what they do. Call to Action buttons/forms guide users through the site, and create an open doorway for IdeaSmiths to gain brand new clients.


  • Brand + Identity
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Graphic Design

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