Earth Tech is Austin based and consists of research interests including theories of spacetime, gravity and cosmology; studies of the quantum vacuum; and get this – the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence! This project was just as intense as the company itself. Let’s just say they needed their website to be completely redesigned and developed in 2 weeks. Did we mention that included about 133 pages total? And that their previous website was years outdated?


Earth Tech had some major new coming up, mentioned in Huffington Post, and were in need of a new website asap, that was branded to speak for them, to prepare for greater exposure and increased traffic. So how did we complete a completely new redesign in 2 weeks? Our streamlined process! We began with a kick-off and discovery to gather all information needed for us to move forward with detailed direction.  With a custom web designed homepage, and inner pages to compliment the new branded look, we successfully completed this website on schedule just in time for their public announcement.


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Brand + Identity
  • Website Redesign

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